Homemade Brands

SoFlo Snacks

SoFlo Snacks is the internet’s favorite one-stop-shop for rare snacks and beverages. From special international editions to collaborations with artists, their collections contain some of the most sought-after products in the world.

TFC Marketing

TFC Marketing partners with founders of B2B and B2C businesses for the sole purpose of expanding their bottom line. TFC generates new streams of revenue for founders through optimized inbound marketing strategies that include Web Development, Content Creation, Lead Generation, Custom Analytics, and everything in between.

Media Realm

Data science and media news publishing platform with several unique and segmented platforms that deliver timely and valuable content to targeted audiences.

Soul Nutrition

Soul Nutrition specializes in lifestyle and wellness products that revitalize the body and mind. From sustainable immune boosters to stress-releasing capsules, their products are sure to soothe the soul.

Hustle Happy

Hustle Happy hosts a welcoming platform where meaningful conversations about work, health, and purpose take place. They are creating an open community built on positive education and optimism, inviting people from all backgrounds to join in and contribute to the movement.

Woof Mart Co

Woof Mart delivers pet-approved products directly to your front door, hoping to get an exciting bark out of your doggo every time the mail comes. As their community grows, they will continue to innovate and prioritize pet safety and happiness every step of the way.