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Crypto Investments

Crypto Exclusive Fund Investing in Pre-seed, Seed and Early Stage Projects

MetaVerse Projects

The future is coming and we want to be on the cutting edge of it. Metaverse ecosystems and projects building inside the metaverse excite us and we want to be a part of it.

Gaming Projects

We believe the explosion of NFT and higher quality gaming projects has helped crypto reach millions of users who might not have been exposed to crypto before. We love investing in teams building NFT utility, P2E Gaming, Guilds, and related projects


Luxury Auto, Real Estate, Music, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

DeFi Projects

Decentralized Finance is changing the banking system and the future of finance. We invest in cutting edge teams that are changing the inefficiencies in the current systems. Let's make the world a better place to bank and earn.

Strategic Recruitment

Hire the Web 3, Cryptocurrency, DeFi Talent through our trusted partnerships.

DeFi ( DOA's & DAPPS)

“Decentralization” is the core concept of DeFi. While more complex than Satoshi’s original vision, the guiding goal of today’s DeFi developers is the same as the one behind his original Bitcoin white paper.

Traditional financial institutions are centralized, in that all customers must transact via a bank or exchange, which will validate and facilitate those transactions and act as a custodian for assets. In a decentralized network, transactions are person-to-person (P2P), and assets are held in fragmented form across multiple computers or nodes rented out by private individuals.

The absence of an intermediary means: 1) lower cost 2) faster speeds. The system is also more reliable as it (in theory) eliminates the potential for human error, and less biased in that services are open to all.

The rise of the dApps

Smart contracts developed for the blockchain that facilitate specific processes are known as decentralized apps (dApps). DeFi dApps map on to the core functions of a bank: Payments, Saving, Borrowing, and Trading. 

Escrow is an example of a traditional banking function that can be easily replicated and enhanced as a dApp in the DeFi universe. 

When submitting advance payment for a service, the traditional approach requires a third party (such as eBay) to hold on to the funds and decide when to release them. This requires bureaucracy and cost, and also opens the door to human error. eBay also has the power to refuse transactions and block users from the platform.

In a ‘trustless’ escrow scenario, the transaction is intermediated entirely by a smart contract, which releases the funds if and only if the agreed conditions are met.