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Jeffrey Tait

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October 25, 1994 (Age 26)
Miami, FL

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Jeffrey Tait is a founding partner and CEO of TFC Marketing. As the CEO, he oversees the agency’s daily operations, which includes leading a team of more than 40 professionals and helping clients identify market growth opportunities for the development of their businesses. Under his leadership, TFC has become one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in South Florida, with dozens of local and national clients across various industries.

Prior to founding TFC, Tait worked at Carma Connected, a communications firm in Miami Beach, where he landed an internship as a sophomore in high school. Under the leadership of Carma co-founder Chad Fabrikant, Jeff assumed various roles within the agency, learning valuable lessons in sales, marketing, negotiation, and business leadership. Always goal-oriented and highly motivated, he worked his way up at Carma, all while holding different jobs and attending Florida International University.

After four years at Carma and at 21 years of age, he decided to use his savings and business experience to form TFC Marketing as a digital media agency, initially working out of his college apartment alongside his roommate and co-founder William Castillo. In less than a year, TFC had partnered with more than 20 national clients and reached a deal with an active outside investor. Today, TFC Marketing is one of the most well-respected digital marketing agencies in South Florida, offering services in the areas of web development, content creation, e-commerce, and anything in between.

Tait had a strong mentor in his career and is a big believer in continuous learning and giving back, which is why he is actively involved in the local business community. He is constantly looking to connect with entrepreneurs who share his values and give those with an entrepreneurial spirit a helping hand toward their goals.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with his family. He is also an avid runner, having been a competitive marathon runner in school and going as far as participating in the Junior Olympics as a teenager.

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